The One Button Rule

In over 45 years of being in the Broadcast and AV industry I have operated, designed, constructed and fixed many types of systems from very simple to very complex. I have come to the basic conclusion that when a system doesn’t operate properly, or you can’t make it do something that it’s supposed to do, it’s only One button, knob, switch or software check box that is not set properly.

In large systems there are many thousands of knobs, button’s and switches that must be set in the correct order for the system to perform. When an operator is using the system, they have many decisions to make as to where all those controls must be set. Each scenario requires different settings.

When things don’t work correctly or like you expect, the good news is that you have done everything right in setting all those controls properly, with the exception of One. It usually boils down to just One that is not correct.

The challenge is find the One!