TV & Radio

When you’re live on air, there are no second chances. That’s why we work hard to make sure you’re prepared with the technology you need to produce your show.

Our team of engineers has extensive experience in designing and building television and radio studios and other related facilities. We’ll optimize your existing systems and equipment, and recommend new systems and equipment, to help you maximize utility and monetization. We’ll work with you to create custom broadcast solutions, allowing you to confidently engage and communicate with your audience every time you’re on air.


Triton Technology knows your production and other content-creation systems are key to your success. Your production components must work together and perform flawlessly, so your team can focus on the production and not the equipment.

Our decades of combined experience means we understand what everyone needs to perform their duties, from the talent to the Technical Director to the Audio Engineer. We work closely with content creators to find the pain-points in existing systems, and we’ll recommend system and equipment upgrades as needed to keep your team performing at its best.

Sports & Live Events

Over the past few years facilities have had to operate with less staff than ever, so we’ve become experts at providing customized solutions in challenging environments. Our team of engineers – with expertise in audio, video, lighting, digital signage, content creation, integration and automation – will partner with venue owners and engineering staff to deliver unforgettable fan experiences.

Whether it’s a sports or multi-use facility, the design of technology infrastructure is critical to both local and remote production teams using onsite or remote assets. Flexible solutions are key, with a focus on automation for both status and control of key production and entertainment elements.


At Triton Technology, our number one goal is to help you communicate more securely, effectively and easily with your employees, partners and customers.

You can count on us to create effective custom communication solutions, letting you focus on your organization’s true priorities. We can provide design and integration services for virtually all system types, including A/V presentation, conference rooms and huddle spaces, content production for audio and video including live streaming and podcasting, teleconferencing, video conferencing, distance learning and digital signage.

House of Worship

Working with the numerous volunteers and part-time staff at houses of worship means that your system’s technology must be accessible no matter their experience. We prioritize this in everything we do, providing automation and control for entire systems in a single interface.

We’ll equip your local, multi-site or online church with technology solutions that reach people wherever they are and however they worship. Our team will work with you to create solutions for your services, concerts, outreach and other aspects of your ministry, so you can expand your reach and impact.

Digital Media

Digital media production has its own unique needs, but in many ways it’s similar to everything else we do. Whether you need a system to produce audio, video, podcasts or interactive online experiences, we can design and build your entire system.

Our engineers will bring expertise in audio, video, integration, automation and lighting, helping you deliver dynamic and robust content to users around the world. We’ll also help with systems for the distribution, viewing, modifying and preserving of your digital media.


Triton Technology provides leading-edge services in the field of education in two ways:

  1. Designing/installing classroom technology to provide students with the best learning experiences.
  2. Designing/installing A/V technology for classroom teaching of A/V technology itself.

To improve your student learning experience, we’ll work with you to implement classroom technology for collaborative learning, as well as A/V systems for auditoriums, gyms and outdoor spaces. We’ll also help you accommodate guest speakers, as well as provide content creation, display and archive capabilities.

When teaching A/V technology to your students, we’ll help with strategic planning and budgeting, with special emphasis on balancing new and existing technology.

We’ll empower your instructors to teach the latest techniques in A/V production, editing, post-production and distribution, with budget restrictions in mind.

Clinical / Medical

Triton Technology regularly brings our A/V production strengths to a wide range of medical and dental facilities. We’ve provided systems that support the use of specialized tooling in the operating theater, labs and pre/post operation rooms. Our custom communication systems include wired and wireless intercoms and interruptible fold-back systems, all with unique controls optimized for use in sterile environments without the use of the surgeon’s hands.

We’ve also built teaching classrooms featuring HD and 4K displays, allowing students to see minute details during the procedure being demonstrated. In addition, we’ve worked with medical device manufacturers who require strict control of their trade secrets, developing systems for A/V presentations, educational facilities, and A/V production, broadcast and archiving.


Government entities large and small have repeatedly turned to Triton Technology to deliver reliable, secure solutions to their mission-critical environments. From city council chambers and courtrooms to school board forums and emergency command centers, we understand the unique needs and requirements of government A/V and communication systems.

We’ll design and build your system to fit your budget and scale up or down as needs change. Recent projects include A/V presentation, production, broadcast, master control, streaming, archive, request-to-speak systems, meeting management systems, and media management.