System Integration

Triton Technology is one of Southern California’s leading system-integration companies. A system integrator implements new systems by taking different components, and putting them together to form sub-systems, which then make up the larger system. The system integrator then ensures all sub-systems function together as one unified system.

Triton’s success in system integration is based on our Project Process, which is the methodology we apply to every project. Our process is comprised of four phases, with each phase being built upon the previous. The phases go from a high-level concept to more detailed as we move from one phase to another, finally cumulating in a detailed system that has been fully tested and commissioned.

System Integration > Conceptual Design

At Triton Technology, we know every project is completely unique. That’s why it’s best to engage us prior to construction, or even before completion of the architectural design.

When we work on your project’s conceptual design, every detail matters to us. We’ll work with your team to gather information, helping us analyze and create a solution specific to your organization’s requirements, as well as one that can scale in both size and capability.

Our teams are experienced in architectural consulting, including tenant improvements and new facilities, and we’ll provide details needed by architects and electrical, mechanical and structural engineers.

We’ll help develop feasibility concepts considering budgets and timelines, as well as your organization’s workflow and staff capabilities. We have consulted directly with clients as well as architects and other consultants.

System Integration > Detailed Design

A project’s “Detailed Design” refines the research and findings from the “Conceptual Design” phase described above.

During the Detailed Design, we’ll determine everything that needs to be known about the project from a technical standpoint, including how all equipment will be wired, where the equipment will be installed, what size technical furniture or number of racks will be required, as well as electrical and mechanical requirements. In addition, a final Bill of Material is prepared, which includes a line-item equipment list.

Typical deliverables of this phase include floor plans, equipment locations, rack and console elevations, mounting details, power and conduit requirements, single-line drawings, final Bill of Materials and timelines for remaining phases

System Integration > Installation

Once the Detailed Design is completed, the project moves into the Installation phase. The Installation phase includes procurement of the equipment and installation materials, as well as preparing the site for installation by setting racks, installing cable trays, connecting ground to copper bus bars, pre-assembling and testing cables/equipment, installing equipment, running the cables, and labeling all cables and equipment.

System Integration > Commissioning & Training

Once everything is installed, our engineers will commission the individual system components, which includes setting up IP addresses;, calibrating, tuning and coordinating operations with other equipment, including RF frequency coordination; and finalizing other parameters of individual components with how they’ll work within the whole system.

After this commissioning, Triton can provide overall system training for your team, as well as specialized training on specific equipment, by either a Triton engineer or the manufacturer. Our staff has extensive broadcast television and radio production experience, as well as audio mixing expertise with various venue types and sizes. We can show your team how to get the most out of the investment in your facility. We’ll make sure your team understands the drawings and can troubleshoot your new system in-house.


Triton provides a wide range of consulting services that vary depending on your needs. We’ve provided consulting services to define better and more efficient workflows, peer-reviews of competitor’s designs on behalf of clients, and reports on phased approaches to implementing future systems, with budget and other parameters in mind.

System Design & Project Oversight

Triton Technology provides System Design and Project Oversight for projects going through a formal bid process. In cases like these, System Design includes not only the complete design of the system, but also includes the technical specifications required for the project to be bid to other contractors.

As the design company for the project, we become the owner’s representative during the bid, installation, commissioning and training portion of the project. And as the owner’s representative, we make sure the design is implemented exactly per the design and technical bid specification.

Project Oversight occurs during installation, commissioning and training. We attend the job walk, assist the owner in evaluating bids, and as the project starts, we respond and answer RFI’s or RFQ’s. We’ll also review submittals, including As-Builts, and we’ll attend construction meetings throughout the project.

System Support & Trouble-Shooting

Our team at Triton Technology is committed to providing seamless support and keeping your system up-and-running throughout its life cycle. Our Systems & Project Engineers will provide emergency and non-emergency onsite support – as well as telephone, remote or email support – so you can be confident your systems are always available for use and are properly maintained.

In addition, we can make sure your software and firmware are up-to-date, verify calibration and compliance, deal with warranty and repair issues, and perform small upgrades and changes. We’re also glad to provide no-cost drawing updates to clients for equipment swaps and changes, as well as due to service contracts or warranties. We also offer various maintenance and support packages to suit your needs.

Equipment Sales

Triton Technology can provide equipment for your project whether we’re the primary vendor or not. We can fulfill every item in your equipment list, all with excellent pricing and complete with manufacturer’s guarantees.

If you need help selecting the right equipment, just give us a call. Our team takes pride in our ability to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and equipment from manufacturers from around the world. We represent a broad spectrum of manufacturers, and can even help you with custom products.

Below is just a partial list of our regular suppliers and manufacturers.